June 14, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Summer Projects

I'm sure many of you have become as addicted as I have to Pinterest. I love having a place where I can "park" ideas until I have time to actually think about how or if I should incorporate them into my classroom.

Summer vacation is officially here in Texas. I will likely be blogging less often this summer since I am focusing on spending time with my two boys, finishing DIY projects around the house, and taking a much-needed beach vacation. Now that I've gotten *most* of the closets cleaned out in the house and have painted one (of 4) rooms that need to be painted this summer, I'm starting to go through my pins and see what I want to prep for school next year.

Here are a few of the projects on my to-do list

To print & laminate:


I tend to use a lot of these with organizationally-challenged students...

Love this idea... Glue a pom pom to the end of dry erase markers to use as erasers!

Now that I've moved to a MUCH smaller classroom for next year, I'm going to try hanging all my anchor charts/visuals & hope they fit in the tiny closet!

and I'm considering putting together a cute bench/storage system for the gross motor/sensory area with clear bins (instead of the solid red) to store various sensory break materials...

I'm thinking of updating my sub binder with pics -- maybe pics of students with parent permission in case I have a sub who is not familiar with my students?

I've also got professional development sessions scheduled for reading, writing, and sensory needs. I'm also planning on spending more time on reading through my Brain Gym materials. I'd like to make sure to incorporate more Brain Gym across the grade levels next year.

What projects are you up to this summer?