January 15, 2012

Welcome to our blog!

We are excited to collaborate on yet another adventure together! Let us start by introducing ourselves a little and let you (our readers) know why we have put together this blog. We have known each other professionally for the last four years, and in August 2010, our paths crossed again and we were given the opportunity to work side by side. As a special education teacher and a speech/language pathologist, we found ourselves working closely together on many student cases, so we took this chance to increase our Brain Power by treating our students using a collaborative teaching method. This was the beginning of our adventures together as "The Dynamic Duo"!

During our last year and half together we have had many planning sessions and conversations about ideas we have used.  Suddenly, the number of tools in our toolbox doubled and has continued to grow with the help of many other innovative individuals. We also have found that from this, we have had to "tweak" some ideas or have developed some of our own new tools and methods, and now, we want to give something back. So, this blog was born!

Our goal is to offer our readers some ideas and tools for working with a variety of students with various special needs, and we also hope go continue gathering ideas from you to share as well. With the growing needs of our students, we have embraced the idea of being life long learners so that we can continue to offer our students the best outcomes.

Join us on our adventure of discovering new strategies, tools, and techniques that are effective with these fascinating young people we work with daily. We look forward to sharing what we are learning in our own practice and learning from your ideas as well.

~Kelley & Orlanda


  1. I loved your first blog, I can't wait to read more. I know and work with you both and I have seen first hand the power of the Dynamic Duo. I have 1 question.......Which one of you is Batman?

    1. I informed Kelley that she was definitely Batman, especially since she is so much more tech savvy and has more gadgets...I will supply the witty one-liners. :-) --Orlanda


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