May 5, 2012

Have you Heard? APPS Sale Ends May 9th!!!!!

In honor of Better Speech and Hearing Month, Super Duper Inc. is putting all of their "Fun Deck" apps on sale for $1.99 until May 9th!!!! Most of these apps are usually $3.99-$5.99 and the "card deck" version of these are usually $10.95. If you have access to iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad, these apps are digital versions of several "Fun Decks" that we use in the speech room and with our social thinking groups. Now, in APP form, they are more cost effective (and let's face it, we are all on tight budgets these days)!! Here is a list of Apps that work for various groups of students at ANY age level! I have divided the apps by how they can be used in speech therapy or in social thinking groups. Also, I have added a group that would work well as "writing prompts" that might be useful in a speech room, resource, inclusion, or classroom setting. Follow this link for the sale list if you are interested!  

Articulation Therapy--For students who are beginning to practice their sounds at the SENTENCE level and beyond, these Apps are great for carry-over of skills.

·     What's Being Said? Fun Deck
·     What Are they Asking? Fun Deck
·     What Are They Thinking? Fun Deck
·     Story Starters Fun Deck
Language Therapy--These Apps are divided by "type" of language to target. If your child is working on the type of language listed, these would be great tools to add.
  • Answering Questions:
o  Yes or No? Fun Deck
o  WH Questions at Home Fun Deck
o  WH Questions at School Fun Deck
o  How? Fun Deck
o  Following directions
·     Understanding and using correct Grammar and Syntax
o  Using I & Me (free)
o  Do and Does
o  Was & Were
o  Has & Have
o  Regular Past Tense Verbs
o  Irregular Verbs
o  Plurals
o  What Does Miss Bee See?
o  What's Being Said?
o  What are They Asking?
o  Story Starters
·     Improving Descriptive Language
o  What Doesn't Belong?
o  Compare and Contrast
o  Opposites
o  Homophones
o  Name That Category
o  Let's Name Things (free)
o  Story Starters
·     Expressive Reasoning (Inference, Predict, Problem solve)
o  Let's predict
o  What's Being Said?
o  What are They Asking?
o  Fact or Opinion?
o  How?
o  What would you Do at Home if...
o  What would you Do at School if...
o  How would you Feel if...
o  If...Then...
o  Understanding Inferences
o  Story Starters
o  What are They thinking?
·     Social communication
o  (Many of the expressive reasoning Apps would be helpful!)
o  Practicing Pragmatics
o  All About you, All About me
o  What are They Thinking?
o  How would you Feel if?
Fluency therapy--There are many descriptive and great pictures and scenes that can be used in these apps to practice Fluency strategies!

·     What's Being Said?
·     What Are They Asking?
·     What would you do if...
·     What are they Thinking?
·     Story Starters

Written Expression--There are many great photos and picture scenes that can be used in these apps to use as writing prompts.
  • What Does Miss Bee See?
  • How? Fun Deck
  • What's Being Said?
  • What are They Asking?
  • Story Starters
  • What would you Do at Home if..
  • What would you Do at School if...
  • How would you Feel if...
  • If...Then...
  • What are They thinking?
Many of these products have video tutorials online if you follow the link to Super Duper (this is where I get many of my own ideas). I don't work for Super Duper or their promotions team and I am not receiving any payment or merchandise for promoting their products; but I have hands on experience with many of their products, and I'm always looking for new ways to keep our students motivated to achieve their communication goals! 

Hope you can add to your toolbox! 

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